Hi, I'm Adélaïde

My passion and my mission in life : supporting women on their journey to understanding their menstrual cycle, and couples in achieving their family planning goals with fertility awareness.

For health, fertility, and cyclical living.


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  • Consultation

    Book a stand alone consultation with me to get help on your charting journey ! Do you need help with your observations, with charting your signs, with interpreting them ? Ask me all your questions on a video call or live in Toulouse, and get a follow up e-mail from me with a summary of what we talked about.

    40€ / hour

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Programme en ligne pour apprendre la méthode symptothermique Sensiplan®. L'apprentissage se fait en autonomie grâce au Manuel et au Livre d'exercices de la méthode à l'aide de vidéos accessibles en ligne. Les rendez-vous de suivi de vos cycles personnels durent 30 minutes et sont inclus également.

Vous avez connu une conception pendant votre utilisation d'une Méthode d'Observation du Cycle et vous avez du mal à comprendre quand ou comment elle s'est produite ? Je vous aide à comprendre ce qu'il s'est passé lors d'une consultation, et nous remplissons ensemble un formulaire qui peut être envoyé à l'organisation responsable de l'enseignement de votre méthode si vous le souhaitez.

Formation à la Méthode de l'Ovulation Billings® avec suivi sur 4 mois.

Support through e-mail/messaging

Monthly subscription and -40% promotion on consultations and events.

Pay what you can between 3 and 10€ / month.

You get access to me through e-mail / messaging / voice messaging (WhatsApp or Signal) : send me your questions, cycles, mucus pictures, while you are learning Fertility Awareness Based Methods.

Subscribing to this service will not be enough to learn how to reliably avoid or achieve pregnancy ! You will need to have an outside learning resource on FAM.

Read Your Body

My favorite charting app !

Work with me and get 3 months free ! Try it, love it, keep it ;)

  • 100 % customisable to use with any Fertility Awareness Based Method and chart all your fertility signs and symptoms.

  • Complete data privacy ! No one has access to your personal data.

  • Continually improving with our input.

“I would recommend her to anyone.”

"Adélaïde is a wonderful instructor of the billings method - she is incredibly knowledgeable on billings and all aspects of fertility awareness.  From our first meeting she was very warm, friendly, informative and her passion for her work is clear.

She really does go above and beyond with her learnings and this really helped me gain a lot of confidence in her very early on through the instructor/learner relationship. 

I trust her completely with learning this method and would recommend her to anyone."


“I understand my mucus patterns much more than before.”

"I came to the Billings method because I wanted more info about cervical mucus and how the Billings method works. Also, having mucus throughout the whole cycle, I was wondering how Billings would work with my cycle. After the first session I was amazed, at the same time I was a bit overwhelmed because of all the information. I felt capable of tracking my mucus after my first session.

You were great, because I felt that I always had someone to count on and ask if I needed anything. I was happy because you took the time to talk to me about other topics as well, not only charting. I remember we covered brown blood at the end of the period, how to be smart when tracking using two methods... The sessions made me feel heard and I felt that you cared about how I was doing. I would say that I understand my mucus patterns much more than before. And that's what I was looking for. You exceeded my expectations."


Articles & Ressources

January 22, 2024

Débuter l'observation du cycle, mode d'emploi

Un petit mode d'emploi des premières étapes dans la découverte de l'observation du cycle et des Méthodes d'Observation du Cycle.

Température basale
January 22, 2024

Température basale et ses perturbations

Les bases de l'observation de la température basale et de ses perturbations, ou quand votre graphique n'est pas 'comme dans les livres' !

About me

I'm Adélaïde and my passion is teaching Fertility Awareness. I love talking about all things hormones, cervical mucus, Fertility Awareness Based Methods diversity, and more. After graduating with a masters in chemical engineering, I pursued my dream job full time teaching the Billings Ovulation Method®, and the Sensiplan® symptothermal method.

I've been charting my own fertility for over 50 cycles and have loved sharing this beautiful practice with women and couples for over 3 years.

Credentials :
- I am accredited to teach the Billings Ovulation Method® by the Méthode Billings WOOMB organisation.
- I am a Sensiplan® insctructor after going through the International Teacher Training with the Arbeitsgruppe NFP.
- I have additional training in Restorative Reproductive Medicine with the Medical University of Lyon, France.

More details?

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